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Closeout Sale on Model ZKB-0401 Keyboard (Order Now)

Model ZKB-0401
Model ZKB-1801
Closeout Price $27.50 w/USB Adapter
In Stock Order Now!

What makes ZTab Unique (see below)

No software to install
This extra tab key    (patent no. 6,989,772)
Plug and play keyboard
will reduce your data input time by

Applications that use the TAB key to move between fields will benefit from the location and ease of use of the ZTab key, which was specifically designed for data intensive applications.


Applications such as Databases, Spreadsheets, Timeslips* , Avon Online and Ordering*, Quick Books*, and adBlocks* just to cover a few applications that will be enhanced by the use of a ZTab keyboard.

The ZTab Challenge
Try one of our ZTab keyboards with a money back guarantee and experience the ZTab difference.   Order Now $27.50** Plus S&H for the 0401 model or $65.95 Plus S&H for the 0501 model (If you were quoted a different price please contact the person that quoted you the price and get the promo code - If the price came from a trade show please contact us.).
**Includes USB Adapter


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Zeomi and ZTab are Trademarks of Zeomi, Inc.
*    adBlocks is a registered trademark of adBlocks
*    Avon is a registered trademark of AVON
*    Timeslips is a registered trademark of Best Software SB, Inc.
*    QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.